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Coming from a large family and having four boys of his own gives Matthew a perspective and discernment of modern life and the struggles of modern kids and families. He portrays real-life issues in his writings to keep them relatable to people and current, past, and future events. His goal is to bring stories that children enjoy reading with friends and family. In many of his writings one will find a challenging area inside a children’s story where Matthew hopes a parent will take time to explain that piece – all purposely done to get parents involved in reading with their children. Matthew also plans to launch a novel in the next few years which will take him to new readers in more adult categories beyond the children’s books.

About Matthew Patrick Gallagher

Matthew Patrick Gallagher, (born February 2, 1969, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.), is an American Writer, Software Executive, and Entrepreneur whose first book came out in May of 2022. Matthew has set a course to begin releasing a minimum of one book per year going forward – having written twelve children’s stories, including the recently released Screen Boy, with its sequel heading over to illustration in December of 2023. Beyond the children’s books he has written he is also working on what he refers to as, “likely the most controversial novel of the 21st century”.

Gallagher grew up in Levittown, Pennsylvania. In 1991 at the age of 22 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he has been for the last 31+ years. For the last thirty-years Matthew has been in the “big data,’ technology and software arena working successfully at some of the most innovative companies in the World. Matthew’s background and experience in technology, combined with being a father, offers a great perspective on the positive and negative impacts of all the technology presented to children these days – as highlighted deeply in Screen Boy.

In 2021, after the loss of his father, John Gallagher, (JohnMichaelGallagher.com) who was a gifted and successful writer, Matthew felt determined that he would pick up his father’s passion and carry the torch further down the road of telling the World stories that entertain and inspire – releasing his first book 14 months after his fathers passing.

Matthew is the father of four boys. Liam (aka: Screen Boy from Matthew’s first book) is number four in the lineup. Liam has three older brothers with the oldest being Tylar, then Ethan and the third being Matthew, Jr. Matthew is a family-oriented person and regularly attends church. He is admittedly far from perfect but does strive to be a good person and role model. Matthew was an athlete as a younger man and most recently previously coached football for a decade. You will see quite often some level of sports portrayed in Matthew’s work as he genuinely believes that sports teach the most important lesson of life—"get back up one more time than you've been knocked down, and you win."

Keep an eye out for the Screen Boy sequel in the first half of 2024. Shortly thereafter Matthew will release the first of a seven-part book serious titled:  Two Wheel and his four-wheeling family.